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Kelley Blue Book: Americans are buying more luxury cars than ever


The price of the average new car in America sat 6.1% higher at the end of September than it did one year before, partially due to inflation. But another factor is driving prices to new highs: Americans are choosing more expensive cars.

Luxury vehicles made up nearly 18% of new car sales in September. That’s almost 3% higher than two years ago and up more than 5% from a decade before. We’ve seen a higher percentage only twice — in December 2021 and June 2022.

American car shoppers’ tastes have changed, with SUVs making up a greater percentage of new car sales than ever before. Compact and midsize SUVs, combined with full-size pickups, make up nearly half of new vehicle sales.

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But our taste for luxury cars is also growing. According to Kelley Blue Book’s parent company Cox Automotive, the average car payment was $738 in September.

Here’s how much luxury car sales have increased in the past decade:


% of New Car Sales from the Luxury Classes

September 2012


September 2013


September 2014


September 2015


September 2016


September 2017


September 2018


September 2019


September 2020


September 2021


September 2022


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