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Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips can help you solve the market’s mysteries


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Matt Damon’s ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’ commercial turns one. Here’s how much you would’ve lost if you bought crypto then.

The total market cap for all crypto nearly hit $3 trillion during parts of 2021, but is now lower than $1 trillion. Read More

A $3 trillion loss: Big Tech’s horrible year is getting worse

Big Tech companies took a heavy beating this week, to the tune of more than $255 billion in lost market capitalization that helped make a bad year even worse for the once-beloved sector. Read More

Will the stock market be higher in 12 months? Here are the odds.

Calculating the market’s odds from 150 years of U.S. history. Read More

‘From Bambi to Godzilla.’ Strategist David Rosenberg skewers the Federal Reserve as he sees a 30% hit to home prices and the S&P 500 returning to an early 2020 low

But don’t despair. ‘Permabear’ Rosenberg sees a new bull market for stocks, bonds and other risk assets in 2024 when, he says, he becomes a ‘permabull.’ Read More

Even in a bear market, stay the course with stocks of revolutionary companies

Cody Willard shares his long-term investing philosophy of finding secular disrupters. Read More

Bad news for bulls: The stock market is still trading above its long-term trend despite this year’s deep slump

However, prospects look much more attractive compared with the start of 2022. Read More

Emerging-markets ETFs are ‘burning investor cash’ as China drags down performance

This week’s ETF Wrap looks at how Chinese stocks have hurt emerging-markets funds — and options to consider that exclude China. Read More

Municipal bond yields are attractive now — here’s how to figure out if they are right for you

If you’re looking for income, these investments have rarely been a better deal in recent years. Read More

There’s a rush to buy I-bonds to lock in a high yield, but there may be an even better deal coming

Your last chance to buy at the 9.62% rate has passed. But there are other important issues to consider. Read More

Take advantage of this sweet spot in the bond market now to bolster your portfolio

Bond prices may have been crushed. But the right play can give you a cushion against further interest-rate increases. Read More

When the stock market celebrates, the bond market spoils the party — because the Fed will raise interest rates to as high as 7%

It’s a consistent story: Fed funds futures keep repricing at a higher rate amid a strong economy and out-of-control inflation. Read More

This stock is likely to outperform Tesla, just like Chevron stock has beaten Meta Platforms

The bigger valuation they have, the harder they can fall. That’s worth remembering when investing in stocks. Read More

This one stock stands out when looking at key data from the FAANG+ group

In a very different landscape from the end of 2021, one appears to offer a good combination of low valuation and high growth. Read More

Stock market bulls have a new story to sell you. Don’t believe them — they’re just in the ‘bargaining’ stage of grief

The stock market’s odds of rising aren’t any higher just because it has tumbled. Read More

The Phillies made the World Series — is a stock-market crash next? Why some see this baseball team’s success as a bad omen.

History suggests that Philadelphia baseball teams tend to win the World Series around the same time as economic downturns — but here’s what the facts say Read More

: California reparations push could give Black residents hundreds of thousands of dollars — here’s what they say they would do with it

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