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Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips can steady your portfolio in this shaky market


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‘They can actually derisk their portfolios’: Here’s where BlackRock is seeing iShares bond ETFs garner inflows amid climbing bond yields

For the first time in 15 years, almost 90% of fixed-income indexes were yielding more than 4% at the end of September, according to BlackRock. Read More

The stock market is still on a ‘sell’ signal, according to technical indicators

Stocks are in a drawn-out bottoming process. Read More

This musician retired after making $170 million in the stock market. Now he’s sharing his secrets.

Boston Pops clarinetist Edward Avedisian says today is a “fabulous time to get started. … Stuff is just going to explode.” Read More

Stocks are attempting a bounce as earnings season begins. Here’s what it will take for the gains to stick.

U.S. stocks have advanced since the start of the week as the third quarter earnings reporting season has gotten off to a strong start, with the big banks and other large firms surpassing analysts’ expectations. Read More

These 27 stocks can give you a more diversified portfolio than the S&P 500 — and that’s a key advantage right now

The Natixis Vaughan Nelson Select Fund and its ETF counterpart are more diversified than the S&P 500 because of factor analysis. Read More

Stocks have been rallying, but the 9 painful stages of this bear market are not even halfway done

Bear markets typically end with a massive selloff. Here’s what to do before then. Read More

Why stock-market investors fear ‘something else will break’ as Fed attacks inflation

Some investors are on edge that the Federal Reserve may be overtightening monetary policy in its bid to tame hot inflation. Read More.

These 11 stocks can lead your portfolio’s rebound after the S&P 500 ‘earnings recession’ and a market bottom next year

Ken Laudan of Buffalo Funds believes Wall Street analysts are wrong about 2023, but that an earnings decline for the S&P 500 will set up a rebound for stocks. Read More

Why the stock market gets a red card during soccer’s World Cup

Markets typically lose ground during the global tournament, which begins in mid-November. Read More

Bitcoin-linked funds are hurting as crypto prices tank

Crypto-related funds are seen both share prices and asset under management plummet, in line with the mayhem of digital assets. Read More

‘You’ll leave a mess and they won’t think as highly of you.’ Dying without a will is the ultimate selfish act.

Not making a will is a sure way to tarnish your memory, unleash family conflict and waste money on lawyers and taxes that would have gone to your heirs. Read More

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