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Personal Finance Daily: Charities funded by Sam Bankman-Fried may be asked to return donations and this chart explains how and why tech hiring is slowing down


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Charities funded by Sam Bankman-Fried may be asked to return donations: ‘I had assumed FTX to be a reputable company’

Charities that benefited from Sam Bankman-Fried’s ‘effective altruism’ are facing an ‘unfortunate reality,’ according to one expert. Read More

Tech hiring is slowing down — this chart explains how and why

Shares of Meta, Alphabet Inc., Amazon, Microsoft and others have all suffered after a string of earnings that disappointed Wall Street. Read More

My wife agreed to be guarantor for her son’s rental without telling me. His car was repossessed for nonpayment of his loan. What should I do?

‘Is there anything I can do to protect our finances/assets if the rental company asks my wife to take over his rental payments?’ Read More

‘Billions more are going to the same schools’: Colleges accused of scamming students keep tapping federal student debt funds, report says

The National Student Legal Defense Network claims students at risk of accumulating taxpayer-funded debt for worthless degrees. Read More

U.S. demand for credit cards holds strong amid rising rates, New York Fed says

Demand for other consumer credit like mortgages and auto loans cooled. Read More

Is an accessory dwelling unit worth the cost? Here are some pros and cons.

If you’re thinking about adding a granny apartment to your property, here’s what to consider before you commit. Read More

The most and least reliable car brands, according to Consumer Reports

Some automakers saw dramatic changes in their ranking compared with last year. Tesla doesn’t get to opt out of this one. Read More

It’s sexy, it’s fast. It’s…the new Toyota Prius?

Toyota’s eco icon now looks more sleek and sporty than frumpy and nerdy. When can you get one? Read More

Earnings Results: Urban Outfitters is ‘encouraged’ by current-quarter sales, even as namesake stores struggle

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