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From MarketWatch Retirement: 

Can you still retire on $1 million? That’s what today’s millionaires want to know. There’s widespread confusion about how much people really need to retire. Plus, $1 million isn’t what it used to be.

Retirement and college savings? Not so much. Americans focus on immediate financial worries. Short-term financial stressors like paying off credit card debt and creating emergency funds have taken priority over long-term goals like retirement and college savings, a new study found.

Women need to save more, earlier and invest more aggressively for retirement – here’s why. Women who take time to care for family members are repaid by having their retirement savings cut by up to 35% and possibly ending up in an earlier-than-wanted retirement, a new report found.

Also on MarketWatch:

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Research and Insight:

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Most Americans Value Retirement Planning, Fewer Than Half Appear to Do It (PlanSponsor)

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