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The Margin: Looking for a last-minute Halloween costume? Consider ‘Sexy Wordle’


Wordle in onesie?

Well, one way to spell success is becoming a trendy Halloween costume. 

Viral online word game Wordle became a breakout hit over the past year, scoring its creator a reported payout “in the low seven figures” after the New York Times

scooped it up in January. The daily puzzle also inspired a Hasbro

board game released earlier this month that drew “record” preorders, the company said. 

And now Wordle is a sexy Halloween costume, courtesy of the Playboy Enterprises-owned
which is known for its titillating — and sometimes controversial — holiday garb and lingerie. (Who could forget its sexy college-admissions scandal costume in 2019, or 2020’s sexy hand sanitizer bodysuit?)

Dubbed the “What’s the Word” costume, the “sexy Wordle” outfit (as this MarketWatch writer calls it) consists of a form-fitting white bodysuit with a square blue and yellow-trimmed neckline, which is printed with a five-letter-word guessing game that strongly resembles Wordle, but with blue, yellow and gray tiles instead of Wordle’s signature green, yellow and gray squares.

The guesses spelled out on the bodysuit are Halloween-themed words, such as “trick,” “treat” and “candy.” The bodysuit also has long sleeves, with one side printed with the suggestive phrase “PLAY ME.” Its “low cheeky-cut back,” according to the product description, features a zipper closure, as well as blue and yellow trim. The model is shown sporting the look with fishnet stockings, thigh-high silver boots, a blue wig and glasses, but notes that these accessories are not included with the costume.

The costume is currently $59.95 on the site, marked 50% off of the original price of $125.95. 

““This costume was not only a good laugh, but a way to wear something that has been secretly occupying your time.””

“I think this costume was not only a good laugh, but a way to wear something that has been secretly occupying your time,” Pilar Quintana-Williams, Yandy’s vice president of merchandising, told MarketWatch over email. “Year after year, Yandy has created costumes that are trending, make people laugh and help you stand out in a crowd.”

And Wordle appears to be inspiring plenty of homemade Halloween costumes this year, too. TikTok videos tagged with “Wordle Halloween costume” have drawn almost 26 million views as of press time.

There have also been Reddit threads featuring posters asking for help or feedback on their Wordle-inspired Halloween costumes.

And there’s also $20  “online word game” t-shirts on Amazon

that strongly resemble Wordle game boards.

Google searches for “Wordle Halloween costume” have also spiked 200% over the past three months, according to Google Trends data, and “Wordle costume DIY” queries have spiked 60% in the past week.

Halloween spending is expected to increase by $500 million over last year, hitting $10.6 billion in 2022, with Americans spending record amounts on costumes, candy and decorations in spite of — and because of — inflation.

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